Sitemap for Apparel 2000 Embroidery

Biker Patches - Prices and information on biker club patches.

Biker Vest Patches - Custom made patches for biker vests.

Biker Soft Colors - Hats, shirts and more custom embroidered for biker clubs.

Blog - Embroidery Blog

Brewery Patches -  For craft brew promotions.

Company Logos - Patches for businesses. 

Company Policies - Shipping and returns information.

Contact Info Page - Apparel 2000 Address, phone number, email etc...

Custom Patches - Information on the different types of custom patches manufactured.

Design Police Patches - Information on designing police shoulder patches.

Digitizing - All about embroidery digitizing.

Embroidered Armbands - Custom armbands with club logo. Velcro enclosure.

EMS EMT Rescue Patches - for ambulance companies, fireman, rescue first responders.

Family Crest Emblems - Large patches with your family crest.

Flags & Banners - Large embroidered flags and banners.

FBI Store - Emblems and apparel for FBI agencies. 

Firefighter Hats and Shirts - Embroidered workshirts for firemen.

Firefighter Patches - Custom emblems for fire departments.

Gallery of Biker Patches - Photos of our custom biker patches.

Hats and Caps - Large selection of ball caps and knit hats for embroidery.

Hi-Vis Jackets - Custom embroidered high visibility jackets.

In Memory Of Patches - Order patches for lost loved ones and friends.

Law Enforcement Patches - For Constables, Sheriffs Officers, etc...

Martial Arts School Patches - How to order martial arts uniform emblems. 

Military Patches - Info on emblems made for the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

Mock Turtlenecks - Embroidered mock turtlenecks.

Motorcycle Patches - Custom patches for motorcycle clubs.

Personalized Apparel - Name brand apparel for embroidery.

Pink Police Shoulder Patches - Lavender police patches for fundraising.

Police Ball Caps - Baseball caps with police emblem attached to the front.

Police Patches - About our "Made in USA" law enforcement patches.

Police Back Patch - Large patches with velcro for the back of jackets or shirts.

Police Dickies - Cotton dickies for keeping cool.

Polo Shirts for Police Departments - Embroidered sports shirts for law enforcement.

Polo Shirts  - Large selection of sports shirts with logo embroidered.

Private Motorcycle Club Stores - Online eCommerce stores for biker clubs. 

Quote Form - Contact form to receive a free quote on embroidery.

Rocker Patches - About rocker patch sizes and shapes.

Safety Apparel - High visibility apparel with logo

School Embroidery - Embroidery for school teams and organizations. 

Security Guard Emblems - Custom shoulder emblems for security guard uniforms.

Sports Club Patches - for ski teams, outdoor clubs, bowling leagues etc...

Stock Back Patches - Large biker back patches in stock. 

Stock Motorcycle Patches - Stock name tapes, officer patches, flags, MC emblems.

Tactical Shirts - For law enforcement agencies. Swat teams.

Testimonials - Our customer testimonies. 

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